I have photographed over 1,500 pieces of art for one of the top art galleries in Baltimore. I've refined my techniques for capturing artwork in its best light and tuning the images to accurately represent the color and emotion that is so integral to a piece. I am able to provide low cost photos for use on a website or in a portfolio. Or for a marginally higher price, I can capture extreme high resolution images to create beautiful prints. Past clients have received images up to 92 megapixels, creating giclée prints upwards of 30"x30" at 300 DPI. I'm able and willing to go even larger if that's your goal!

In order to respect the artists' intellectual property, I have not included any of my clients' work on this page. Instead, please visit their websites below:




The images here are photo samples using artwork I personally created. I do not use a colorful palette, so I encourage you to visit one of the listed site above.